Company Profile
Dilek Makina, which was founded in 1989 as a subsidiary of "DILEK GROUP OF COMPANIES " , is a leading company in forklift and stacking machinery rental, maintenance and repair services and in the sales of second-hand forklifts. Our company provides services throughout the country with the machine park which is the LARGEST "FORKLIFT AND STACKING EQUIPMENT RENTAL Fleet, and experienced staff. Of the leading domestic and foreign partners with a very firm" Wish Machine "and the characteristics of each brand of forklifts, stacking machinery, auxiliary equipment and offers a full range of tools. Customer demand for forklifts leased line, 3 - 4, and 5-year periods are used and are renewed at the end of this period. Thus, intra-service companies, forklifts and warehouse equipment, the problem is not experienced, stable and permanent service. forklifts maintenance and repair services, expert technical staff in the central and regional service workshops or businesses quickly solves the on-site service. Maintenance and repair workshops and mobile services in Turkey is increasing every day and feature a strong company with the most extensive service network committed to maintaining.

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