Forklift Rental

All industries and enterprises, product stacking, loading and unloading work constitutes a very important place. Organizations with these procedures for forklifts and warehouse equipment, such as stacking karşılamaktadırlar machine. However, the forklift and stacking machines for the purchase of all businesses require a serious investment. Mechanical repairs, and maintenance can be made after the investment is also a service department for the costs of the organization is inevitable. To make all these investments, given the cost and efficiency puts businesses under a huge load. Businesses outside of their expertise, time allocation of jobs by establishing a unit to deal with these matters seems to be easy to start work. After application of this sort, however, is not as efficient as expected, but also costly understood that more than expected. Our experience has shown us that the long-term business leases Forklift: expertise, experience and cost-conscious, which followed a very strict way of Turkey's largest companies, factories and warehouses by the method çözmektedirler forklift rental needs. Rent by the method of decreasing investment costs, increase business efficiency, risk is reduced to a minimum. Organizations can enter the high investment costs were constructing more economical and efficient working system. Especially in forklift hire and service, the expert body that has taken over leadership Dilek Makina mission, operating in various sectors in Turkey and foreign and domestic partners have been, and continues to be a very firm.


    Advantages of Forklift Rental

  • You can concentrate on their primary business.
  • You can become the owner of new forklifts without connecting capital or using the the credit, as well as every 3 - 4 and 5 year refresh the forklift trucks. If your rental forklift work itself pays rent to you without an additional financial burden.
  • You can increase the number of your work according to the state without purchasing a forklift.
  • You dont have to keep spare forklifts for emergency needs by getting rid of the requirement and you can have the opportunity to work with minimum number of forklift trucks.
  • You do not pay for repair and maintenance for the equipment.You do not keep stock of spare parts for forklift,
  • You do not pay for service and spare parts for any maintenance and repair.
  • You do not have surprise forklifts repair costs.
  • Since the forklifts are always well maintained, so you reduce job losses due to the breakdown and idle waiting time.
  • You may reduce the number of staff, who are related to Forklifts purchasing, maintenance and repair.
  • The only required to pay a fixed monthly rental bill for the amount that the forklift, you can make about the yearly budget as precise and clear, you can eliminate hidden costs.
  • Rental costs are accounted and provide tax advantages.
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